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What successful brands do differently: why content is crucial to your brand

Content can be applied beyond sectors of marketing; it can be applied to the business as a whole. A recent article in Forbes highlights steps one should take in creating content to build a successful brand.

“Successful brands know their audiences well and use their content across the company as a tool to build lasting trust with those audiences” John Hall

Keynote speaker John Hall, CEO of content marketing agency Influence & Co. and author of Top of Mind, discusses what successful brands do differently in the development and marketing of content. The key is in finding the ‘problem area’ of your business and understanding how content will be the most useful. Once the target audience is identified, your brand can create content that reaches customers and earns their trust, helping to build long-term relationships and ensuring longevity of the brand.

Three Steps in the Development of Content:

Recognise the problem areas: Discover the areas of your business that are in most need. Focusing on these weaker areas, identify who you need to reach. By targeting a specific audience, one can understand how content will be used and who it will be targeted towards.

Focus on creating content that will build and earn trust: Content emphasising your field of expertise and the services you offer helps to build trust – a term described as ‘thought leadership content.’ It is important to delegate roles that involve the development of content to employees who understand your specific audiences to ensure that content is of high-quality and tailored to the correct people.

Share content… continuously: By focusing on earning audience trust, content can be effectively distributed. Content should be created and shared on a continuous basis, constantly grabbing the attention of the audience. By publishing content that highlights who the company is and answers possible questions that may arise, the audience is well-informed and satisfied – ultimately leading to a strong relationship with the customers and understanding of the brand.

The main goal is to identify the target audience and build a trust-based relationship, which can be accomplished through the constant development and sharing of relevant, audience-specific content.