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Businesses must get on board with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on its way to becoming the next big thing to disrupt businesses everywhere. A recent article in Raconteur explains how businesses must change their models to incorporate AI if they want to stay relevant.

Artificial Intelligence has always been the subject of science fiction television shows and books. However, we are getting closer to a world where AI will be a part of our everyday lives. Many businesses have already begun to incorporate AI to their business plans with chatbots and robotic processing and analysing. Even though this small bit of AI doesn’t seem like much to transform a business plan, these are short-term stepping stones towards a bigger revolution.

Many experts have already said that 2018 will be the year that AI makes its way to the mainstream. Sally Eaves, member of Forbes Technology Council, said, “During this year of transition and transformation, AI will not only be a catalyst for deep disruptive change in business, but for wider societal benefits too.” The possibilities for AI are not limited to businesses.

Incorporating AI into business models does not mean that business owners must abandon their current models and start again. Just getting their foot in the door with AI will serve businesses well when the maximum disruption happens, predicted to be in about a decade. Businesses can start by asking themselves if there is a job that a computer or machine could perform better than a human, and then focus on those possibilities.

Businesses that focus on implementing AI into their models now will see great benefits when AI has become as mainstream as the internet or mobile phones. The businesses that are willing to adapt to changing times will be the ones here to stay.