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Appealing to Gen Z

Connecting with Generation Z, a group of digital savvy consumers, can be a challenge for many brands. A recent article by Marketing Week details expert advice on how to establish long-term loyalty with a young customer base.

Josh Rathour, CEO and Founder of Unidays, suggests brands must get the experience right during early encounters with university students. Rathour comments “this population have become independent consumers for the first time in their lives and are looking to make their own choices about the brands they want to associate with”. A good first impression could lead to a lifetime of loyalty.

Rathour also advises brands to steer clear of transactional relationships where the consumer is just seen as a user. It is more beneficial in the long run to base a relationship on who the individual is. This aligns with the current trend of personalisation in the marketing industry.

The key advice for brands, is to ‘assume nothing’ about Generation Z and remain ‘relevant’. Alex Gallagher, CMO of Unidays, explains “we’ve learnt that the key to engage this audience is to make sure you’re relevant”.

Fashion accessories brand Skinnydip’s Director Lewis Blitz suggests that brands must stay “fluid” in order to keep up with the fast moving world of Generation Z. Blitz also recommends “actually listening to what our audience want from us. We take comments from our customers really seriously”.

Appealing to Generation Z consumers can be challenging; personalisation, remaining relevant and being fluid are all tactics which may improve brands’ chance of success in reaching this much sought after market.