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An explosion in the volume of personal data available has led to marketers using highly targeted messages in campaigns. Raconteur recently highlighted the ways in which too much personalisation can in fact put off consumers.

The biggest challenge facing brands is knowing where to draw the line when it comes to personalised marketing tools. Advertising expert and author Jeremy Bullmore suggests “personalisation can get altogether too personal for comfort, as likely to alienate as it is to appeal.” According to a recent survey by Adobe Digital Insights, 21% of consumers find personalised advertising ‘creepy or intrusive’.

For many consumers, targeted personalisation is welcome so long as the message is appropriate to them. Rowan Scranage, Vice-President and General Manager of EMEA at Couchbase advises that marketers should always use data “in a manner that always adds value or insight, and ultimately benefits the person whose data is being used”, for example, if they were given a discount or offer for a retailer nearby. Caution must also be taken when contacting consumers as small details such as the time of day or how they are contacted can make a huge difference in how a message is received.

Several high profile companies have run into trouble with regulators over data privacy laws. With fines totalling more than £100,000, marketers should familiarise themselves with the regulations surrounding personal information. The law may get even tougher next year when the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will come into force.

Whilst personalisation is an excellent marketing tool, CMOs must tread carefully in order to gain positive customer reactions.